Building the Community’s Capacity for Inclusion!

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Working to build the community’s capacity for inclusion is a very important part of the work that Prospect does.  We do this by planning for 80% of our programming to take place in the community – where we meet and interact with other community members and services, collaborating with community partners, such as Orangetheory Fitness (OTF), and providing Disability Awareness training in the community.

A special shout-out goes to our partners at OTF Royal Oak for not only supporting Prospect clients in experiencing an enhanced quality of life and developing essential employability skills, but for championing Autism Awareness and working to build the community’s capacity for inclusion!

We are so proud of the awesome work you’re doing and are honored to be a partner of yours!

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Stomp, Tromp and Glide into Winter Fun


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Here at Prospect we like to make the best of any weather, and can often be seen having fun outdoors while everybody else is huddled inside for warmth.  Though it can be tempting to stay inside curled up on the couch with hot cocoa during the cold winter months, there are a number of health benefits to putting on your hat and mitts and heading outside for some fun instead.  Spending time outside in the winter can improve mental health and increase and/or maintain your physical and cognitive health.

On January 4, 2019 Prospect clients and staff held a community-building event designed to promote community inclusion and participation through a grant from Activate YYC.  This event worked to bring members of the Marlborough, and greater Calgary, community together for a day of winter fun, and provided opportunities for community members to interact, have fun and get to know one another better.  Through group and team activities like shelter building, snowman building, snow art and a fun winter sport relay race, community members were encouraged to interact and work together to find success in their chosen activity(s).  Along with having fun with our neighbors and getting to know the people we share our community with, this event also worked to support Prospect’s clients in experiencing a higher quality of life through community inclusion and participation.

Raising the Bar

Raising the Bar

Community partnerships are so important to us at Prospect!  They give our clients the opportunity to learn and develop their skills while allowing us to face attitudinal barriers head on, building the community’s capacity for inclusion.  Without amazing partners such as Dawn Krpan and her staff at Bedrock CrossFit, Prospect would not be able to offer the exciting and innovative programs we run!

Clients in Prospect’s Workout Club program work hard with trainers at Bedrock CrossFit on a weekly basis to improve their fitness levels and practice functional movements for work. For the staff at both Prospect and Bedrock CrossFit it isn’t hard to recognize that clients have not only been strengthening their muscles, but also their numeracy skills, ability to follow instructions and teamwork. Keep up the great work!

To learn more about Bedrock CrossFit and how they can help you, please visit them at –

Reaching New Heights

Reaching New Heights

The ability to communicate our thoughts, feelings and ideas effectively is an essential skill that is important in employment and our day to day lives.  In the Wilderness Explained program participants have the opportunity to explore a variety of wilderness areas in our great province while they work to develop communication and literacy skills such as reading and writing, comprehension and public speaking.  By reading interpretive signs, pamphlets and trail guides, and participating in a variety of experiential learning opportunities, our clients have the opportunity to challenge themselves and each other to grow and reach new heights!



Fit for Work


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Prospect’s partnership with Bedrock CrossFit is a great example of a local business and Prospect working together to build an inclusive community where anybody, regardless of barriers, can reach his or her full potential and experience an enhanced quality of life.  For over a year and a half, Dawn Krpan and the trainers at Bedrock CrossFit have been supporting Prospect’s Workout Club participants in developing employability skills and reaching their personal fitness goals. While working on their physical fitness, participants have been developing employability skills such as work ethic, self-motivation, effective communication, following instructions and critical thinking.  Since starting the Workout Club program in Fall 2016, the participants in the program as well as staff from both Prospect and Bedrock have observed significant improvements in their physical literacy, strength and cardiovascular health, all while developing the skills needed to obtain and maintain employment! 




Sprinting to Success

Due to all of the smoke we’ve been experiencing, our Outdoor Pursuits programs have had to get creative in finding new and exciting indoor locations to visit.  Today we decided to visit the Alberta Sports Hall of Fame and Museum in Red Deer.  The museum offers a number of interactive opportunities while providing information about the history of sport in Alberta and introducing a number of famous Albertan athletes.

As we explored all of the exhibits and activities available we came across the banner below and were surprised to see a familiar face.   Iain C, a client in Prospect’s PDD Services, was featured in the Special Olympics exhibit in the museum!  Here at Prospect we know how hard our clients work to achieve their personal and professional goals and we are so excited to see their hard work being recognized in a place like this!


Appreciate the Beauty Around Us

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With Calgary in the middle of another cold snap it’s easy to find yourself dreaming of the dog days of summer.  Last August, Prospect’s Summer Experiences group got the opportunity to practice their photography skills in the wilds of Kananaskis.  Participants learned about the elements of composition through nature photography while building employability skills like team work and problem solving, and developing strategies for using digital technology.  Hopefully these photos will inspire you to get outside, even in the cold, and enjoy the outdoor paradise right in our backyards.

Learning with Professionals


Many of Prospect’s clients are die hard fans of Calgary’s sports teams, especially the Stampeders!  It goes without saying that it’s an exciting day in Prospect’s Variety Sports program when one of our heroes comes to work with us! Rob Cote of the Calgary Stampeders spent the afternoon with Prospect clients, teaching us some of the fundamentals of football and talking about how an athlete lives a healthy life. We learned how to properly throw and catch a football, and what it takes to become a professional athlete. It was a good lesson for us to learn about all the employment skills Rob must develop and maintain in order to be a professional athlete.

Once Rob taught us, Prospect clients taught him one of the games we invented and play all the time! We ended the afternoon by challenging Rob to a race. We told him to have no mercy, in case one of us could come close to catching him. No surprise that Rob easily won.  We sure had fun trying though!

Prospect’s Variety Sports is a program that provides clients the opportunity to learn about and experience different sports. We work to promote positive attitudes, healthy relationships and healthy lifestyles while also developing essential skills that will assist our participants in accomplishing their personal and employment goals.

Thanks Rob for coming!

Watersports Wrapped Up

Over the last three months Prospect clients have had the pleasure of collaborating with and learning from some exceptional students from the Ecotourism and Outdoor Leadership (ETOL) program at Mount Royal University. Throughout our fall session, ETOL students have worked very closely with our clients to help build their confidence and skills while in their kayaks.  In one of the photos above you can see Joel, an ETOL student, sharing his expertise while teaching us to control our boats with the forward and reverse sweep.

We wrapped up our Watersports pool sessions just in time for Christmas, with two surprise visitors from Prospect’s Franklin office. Alexi and Greg, two members of Prospect’s Senior Management team, joined us at SAIT for a kayak lesson put on by Prospect clients.  Prospect clients had to draw on their new found kayaking skills, along with leadership skills they’ve been developing, to teach the basics of white water kayaking to our new guests. Alexi was quick to learn all of the new concepts, and was showing off a little in a game of kayak polo at the end of the session. Greg had a tipsy start (literally) to the lesson, but by the end of the session he was out-performing Alexi at kayak polo, creating many scoring chances for his team.

We would like to sincerely thank all of the ETOL students involved for their valuable contributions to our Watersports program.  We wish you all the best with your future adventures!  A big thank you goes to Aquabatics Calgary for providing our clients and staff with the kayaks needed to develop our skills and make the Watersports program a success!  Thank you to SAIT Athletics and Recreation for providing us water to practice on during the winter months.  Without amazing partners like ETOL, Aquabatics Calgary, and SAIT we would not have the resources needed to provide these new and exciting opportunities for our clients to develop their skills!

Skill Development with a Splash!

Prospect clients started their week off with a splash in the Watersports program! With leadership and expertise from the students in the Ecotourism and Outdoor Leadership program at Mount Royal, we kayaked through the pool with ease.

Kayaking can be an intimidating sport, but also provides us with a myriad of opportunities to develop important skills.  Through the Watersports program clients work to develop sport related skills such as: water safety and awareness, balance, propulsion, directional control and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.   With guidance and support from Prospect staff and our community partners, our group of keen kayakers also work to develop important essential skills such as: effective communication and teamwork, emotional recognition and regulation, task initiation and completion, responsibility, and more!

This program would not be possible without the generous support of our community partners. A special thanks to Aquabatics Calgary for providing kayaks for our clients and staff, and to SAIT Athletics and Recreation for providing us water to practice our skills on during the Winter months.

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