One of the ways that Prospect’s Outdoor Pursuits program develops employment skills is through volunteerism. Prospect works with a variety of community partners to give our clients the opportunity to gain experience in a situation that models employment. Many of the volunteMaper placements that Prospect’s Outdoor Pursuits team work with involve environmental stewardship and working in nature. One partner that Prospect has been working with for quite a few years is the Weaselhead/ Glenmore Park Preservation Society. Check out the Weaselhead/ Glenmore Park Preservation Society’s website for more information and to learn how you can get involved.Clients diggingroot bundle

See you on the trail!


Participants in Prospect’s Outdoor Pursuits program have been collaborating with Parks Canada and Alberta Parks to ensure that your next outdoor adventure is safe and enjoyable. Prospect has been working with these partners to develop trail reporting programs. Trail reporting is an activity that provides participants with many opportunities to give back to the mountain community while developing skills that transfer to a workplace.  If you would like to get involved check out some of the volunteer opportunities on our partner’s websites or get in touch with us!