Camp Horizon


One of the amazing community partners that Prospect’s Outdoor program works with is Camp Horizon.  This summer some of Prospect’s participants packed up and joined Camp Horizon’s L.E.A.D program for a camping trip. L.E.A.D stands for Leadership Environment Adventure and Diversity. The LEAD youth did an excellent job of planning and facilitating a large part of the trip, showing Prospect many of the exciting things that happen at camp. During the trip Prospect participants challenged themselves to try new things and build relationships with young people. Participants also spent some time teaching the youth some of their favorite games!

We would like to say a BIG thank you to the Camp Horizon staff and LEAD youth for being so wonderful and working to complete this collaboration with Prospect!



Prospect’s Watersports program has enjoyed hot, sunny days for programming this summer. Kayaking has shown to be an excellent way to build employment skills through independent learning and problem solving. Clients found that they built skills quickly and were able to maneuver around the Glenmore Reservoir with ease.