Anyone who has tried climbing knows how much of a physical and mental challenge it can be. If you ask a climber about the lessons that they have learned on the wall, they will be able to tell exciting stories about perseverance, confidence, and many different aspects of teamwork. For the last six months a group of Prospect participants have been learning these same lessons while challenging the wall at the Beltline Recreation Center. There have been a few days where we have ventured into parks in Calgary to do some bouldering. Bouldering  is a climbing discipline where the climber does a few physically challenging moves to make it up or across a small route without a rope.


Prospect Outdoor Pursuits program uses innovative strategies to teach employment skills. Sometimes the best classroom is not a classroom at all. Responsibility for completing tasks, working on literacy skills and giving back to the community are all skills that participants in the “Life Skills” program at Prospect had the opportunity to work on while trail reporting this fall.

Disc Golf

Over the summer participants in Prospect’s Disc Golf program worked on their numeracy, awareness and social interactions while enjoying time on some of the beautiful disc golf courses around Southern Alberta. Participants spent a day with Frisbee Rob, a disc golf pro who holds numerous world records. We would like to thank Rob for the great day we spent together! Check out this great video about Rob.