Fit for Work


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Prospect’s partnership with Bedrock CrossFit is a great example of a local business and Prospect working together to build an inclusive community where anybody, regardless of barriers, can reach his or her full potential and experience an enhanced quality of life.  For over a year and a half, Dawn Krpan and the trainers at Bedrock CrossFit have been supporting Prospect’s Workout Club participants in developing employability skills and reaching their personal fitness goals. While working on their physical fitness, participants have been developing employability skills such as work ethic, self-motivation, effective communication, following instructions and critical thinking.  Since starting the Workout Club program in Fall 2016, the participants in the program as well as staff from both Prospect and Bedrock have observed significant improvements in their physical literacy, strength and cardiovascular health, all while developing the skills needed to obtain and maintain employment! 




Sprinting to Success

Due to all of the smoke we’ve been experiencing, our Outdoor Pursuits programs have had to get creative in finding new and exciting indoor locations to visit.  Today we decided to visit the Alberta Sports Hall of Fame and Museum in Red Deer.  The museum offers a number of interactive opportunities while providing information about the history of sport in Alberta and introducing a number of famous Albertan athletes.

As we explored all of the exhibits and activities available we came across the banner below and were surprised to see a familiar face.   Iain C, a client in Prospect’s PDD Services, was featured in the Special Olympics exhibit in the museum!  Here at Prospect we know how hard our clients work to achieve their personal and professional goals and we are so excited to see their hard work being recognized in a place like this!