Stomp, Tromp and Glide into Winter Fun


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Here at Prospect we like to make the best of any weather, and can often be seen having fun outdoors while everybody else is huddled inside for warmth.  Though it can be tempting to stay inside curled up on the couch with hot cocoa during the cold winter months, there are a number of health benefits to putting on your hat and mitts and heading outside for some fun instead.  Spending time outside in the winter can improve mental health and increase and/or maintain your physical and cognitive health.

On January 4, 2019 Prospect clients and staff held a community-building event designed to promote community inclusion and participation through a grant from Activate YYC.  This event worked to bring members of the Marlborough, and greater Calgary, community together for a day of winter fun, and provided opportunities for community members to interact, have fun and get to know one another better.  Through group and team activities like shelter building, snowman building, snow art and a fun winter sport relay race, community members were encouraged to interact and work together to find success in their chosen activity(s).  Along with having fun with our neighbors and getting to know the people we share our community with, this event also worked to support Prospect’s clients in experiencing a higher quality of life through community inclusion and participation.