Grow Calgary

It’s harvest season! Prospect’s clients have been working hard at Grow Calgary over the past few months and now it is time to reap the rewards. After harvesting tomatoes, radishes the size of softballs, a tower of  greens, taste herbs, and much more, the group hand delivered the produce to the Inn From The Cold where it will be cooked up for dinner.

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Camp Horizon


One of the amazing community partners that Prospect’s Outdoor program works with is Camp Horizon.  This summer some of Prospect’s participants packed up and joined Camp Horizon’s L.E.A.D program for a camping trip. L.E.A.D stands for Leadership Environment Adventure and Diversity. The LEAD youth did an excellent job of planning and facilitating a large part of the trip, showing Prospect many of the exciting things that happen at camp. During the trip Prospect participants challenged themselves to try new things and build relationships with young people. Participants also spent some time teaching the youth some of their favorite games!

We would like to say a BIG thank you to the Camp Horizon staff and LEAD youth for being so wonderful and working to complete this collaboration with Prospect!



Prospect’s Watersports program has enjoyed hot, sunny days for programming this summer. Kayaking has shown to be an excellent way to build employment skills through independent learning and problem solving. Clients found that they built skills quickly and were able to maneuver around the Glenmore Reservoir with ease.



Prospect’s Staff often share the responsibilities of  leadership and planning with our clients to teach skills that transfer to the workplace. Time Management is a skill that we often work on, where participants create and follow timelines to ensure that trips return to Prospect on time. Participants have to pay attention to the time and weather so that they can complete the hike before a summer thunderstorm hits!

Fit for Employment

There are many benefits to being active and living a healthy lifestyle. Prospect’s clients often work at jobs that require physical fitness and strength. We promote living an active life and show how it can help make someone successful in the workplace. We would like to thank one of our amazing partners, YYC Cycle, for giving us the opportunity to explore the world of Spin. Check out the link to their website and give this great activity a whirl.


All of Prospect’s Outdoor Pursuits programs are designed to help individuals develop employment skills. Instead of sitting in a classroom all day, we explore many wilderness areas in Alberta. Using a variety of strategies to  identify flora in the mountains is a way to teach problem solving strategies and work on literacy skills. Participants are given the opportunity to use diagrams, dichotomous keys and a variety of memory tricks that enhance learning and understanding. We find the best way to teach skills is to engage people in their natural interests.




One of the ways that Prospect’s Outdoor Pursuits program develops employment skills is through volunteerism. Prospect works with a variety of community partners to give our clients the opportunity to gain experience in a situation that models employment. Many of the volunteMaper placements that Prospect’s Outdoor Pursuits team work with involve environmental stewardship and working in nature. One partner that Prospect has been working with for quite a few years is the Weaselhead/ Glenmore Park Preservation Society. Check out the Weaselhead/ Glenmore Park Preservation Society’s website for more information and to learn how you can get involved.Clients diggingroot bundle

See you on the trail!


Participants in Prospect’s Outdoor Pursuits program have been collaborating with Parks Canada and Alberta Parks to ensure that your next outdoor adventure is safe and enjoyable. Prospect has been working with these partners to develop trail reporting programs. Trail reporting is an activity that provides participants with many opportunities to give back to the mountain community while developing skills that transfer to a workplace.  If you would like to get involved check out some of the volunteer opportunities on our partner’s websites or get in touch with us!



Prospect’s Environmentors program focuses on developing leadership skills through volunteerism. This year Prospect has partnered with Glenbow Elementary School ( in Cochrane, Alberta. Clients and students work together to gain a better understanding of the environment through nature hikes and caring for a community garden. Stay tuned throughout the summer for more updates about this program!

Growing Employment Skills

Prospect Outdoor Pursuits clients are collaborating with Grow Calgary this summer through the weekly Horticulture program. Grow Calgary grows fresh food for Calgary’s compassionate food access agencies with a goal of ensuring all Calgarians have access to healthy, local food. Prospect clients have worked hard over the last weeks to prepare a garden plot which we will take responsibility for throughout the growing season. We transplanted our first plants into the garden this week. We are looking forward to growing some vegetables and employment related skills in the weeks to come!